Make a Clock Activity | Free printable Template

A great make a clock activity for kids who are learning to tell the time. Through this activity, kids can build their own clock. Kids can also colour and decorate the clock.

How to use this printable to build a clock?

  1. Download and print the worksheet by clicking the picture below.
  2. Help the kids cut the numbers and clock hands carefully.
  3. Guide the kids in placing the number at their right position on the clock face.
  4. Attach the clock hands to the clock face.

You can use cardboard to make a clock face that kids can also use later on to master telling time. For this purpose cut and paste the clock face on a cardboard piece. Also, paste the hands on the cardboard and cut them. In the end, attach the hands to the clock face.

You can use this printable for different purposes to teach kids to watch and tell time.

Make a Clock Activity Template

Click the picture below to download a free make a clock worksheet for your kid.

Make a clock Activity | Free printable Template Worksheet | preschool clock printable

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This may not be hosted or stored on any other site (including Facebook, Dropbox, etc.)

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